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In healthcare, the best treatment and service come from a place of empathy and trust. When clinicians, pathologists, and other professionals can identify with the needs and concerns of the people they serve, it leads to more effective care. It fosters greater satisfaction both for physicians and for their patients.

At Cole Diagnostics, we focus on providing the level of care we’d want for ourselves. As the only independently owned and operated lab in Boise, we are proud to offer advanced diagnostic services to physicians and patients in Idaho and work hard to give the people in our community the service and resources they deserve. In addition to the work we do in our community, we also provide second-to-none service to the community of direct primary care providers throughout the U.S. as the preferred diagnostic laboratory for DPC physicians.

How Cole Diagnostics Helps Clinicians

Cole Diagnostics provides Idaho clinicians with diagnostic services that match those from the top institutions in the country. We recently acquired the Cobas 4800 system, which can accurately process hundreds of samples, every day. Investments such as these allow us to give doctors national expertise with a local feel.

Cole Diagnostics is especially proud to serve direct primary care (DPC) physicians. We can help enhance the care and peace of mind that you give to your patients. For more details, see our Direct Primary Care page.

How Cole Diagnostics Helps Patients

Cole Diagnostics’ main priority is to give patients an accurate diagnosis so their treatment can go forward as quickly as possible. Our laboratory specializes in diagnosing common and difficult skin conditions. As we say, you may never meet a skin pathologist, but when you need them, you always hope they’re right.

Our laboratory has skilled technicians and friendly service personnel. We follow strict federal standards and are certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment. This ensures that the clinicians and patients we work with receive high-quality service and correct, precise information.

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