With Us

Our mission is quite simply to improve the experience most clinicians and patients have with laboratories.

We know working with labs can be a challenge, and our promise is to serve you quickly, accurately, and in a way that enables you to focus on what you do best!

/// Locations

We are located in Boise, Idaho. For clinical lab testing, we serve the Boise Metro Area. For pathology, we serve many areas throughout the country. Please contact our office to see if we can work in your area. (208-472-1082)

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/// Ordering Tests

Tests can be ordered by submitting a patient requisition form and via an electronic interface. We are constantly adding new connections to EMR systems, and would be more than happy to consider building a new interface if needed.

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/// Laboratory Results

Laboratory results can be delivered any way you prefer—secure faxing, HIPAA-compliant cloud services, through an HL7 interface or any combination of these. We like to tailor our services to you so as to contribute to the best workflow possible.

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/// Independent

Cole Diagnostics is an independent laboratory, and our commitment is to focus on efficiency, low cost, and high-quality results. We are accessible, simple, and available to serve patients no matter where they come from. Our independence allows us to tailor our services to your needs and focus intently on the needs of our patients.

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