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Cole Diagnostics is an independent medical laboratory focused on providing meaningful and relevant information regarding your health. With the leadership and unique knowledge and skill set of Dr. Ryan Cole, our laboratory strives to reliably answer difficult clinical questions. Our areas of expertise include pathology and clinical laboratory services.

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Why Cole?

Our Scientific Team

Cole Diagnostics is stacked with expert scientists who work hard to ensure we deliver nothing but the most advanced, accurate, and meaningful test results. Our scientific team includes physicians, molecular scientists, microbiologists, cytotechnologists, histotechnologists, and Med Techs. Laboratory Scientists at Cole Diagnostics are committed to high standards and are very capable of applying the best knowledge and capabilities a laboratory can offer.

Innovative Technology

Our laboratory has invested heavily in the latest and most effective technology—ensuring cutting-edge science is at play in getting you the most accurate answers possible. Our equipment includes automated chemistry analyzers, advanced chemistry analyzers, molecular diagnostics, and so much more! We continue to look for and implement new technologies that hold promise of advancing patient care.

Service Experts

We work hard to make sure you’re happy! A laboratory can be challenging to interact with, and we are working hard to change the standard of service for labs. We decided early on to promise to never allow a computer to answer the phone! When you contact our lab, you will be connected immediately to a service-minded professional who will work hard to ensure all of your needs are met. What drives us here is the simple fact that we know we’re dealing with people’s health, and we believe strongly that patients deserve solid answers and for labs to make things easier, not worse.

Accurate Diagnostics

 Dr. Ryan Cole’s mantra has been to tell you exactly what he sees. With his years of pathology training and experience, he believes strongly that labs need to be forthright by ‘making the call’ rather than hedging our bets and practicing lab science to reduce our liability. Our mission is to be definitive, to provide the truth as far as we can tell, and to always provide complete transparency. In addition to Dr. Cole’s commitment in pathology, our scientific team follows rigorous standards to ensure each process is exact, generates accurate results, and contributes to the best patient outcomes possible.


Our mission is to do everything within our power to contribute to the best possible patient outcomes. Because diagnostic data enables a majority of healthcare decisions, we completely recognize the magnitude of our role in our healthcare system. Our goal is to contribute positively in the efforts of the medical community to experience more healing and ensure better outcomes for the patients we serve.

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